Notables and Benefactors

There are several people who have left their mark on the Parish Church of All Saints’. Many of the names of those who donated money to the church in it’s formative years are listed on the ‘Markby Memorial Scroll’ which is held in the Surrey County Records Office in Woking.

The Markby Memorial Scroll

Names such as Lady Bazalgette (The wife of London’s Chief Engineer), John Murray (The Publisher), Sir Henry Peek (M.P. for Surrey), Francis Penrose (Surveyor of the Fabric of S. Paul’s Cathedral) and Sir William Preece (Chief Engineer of the Post Office and author of books on the new telephone – whose house was the first in the area to have electric light) are recorded on this document.

Lady Bazalgette

Lady Bazalgette and her husband Joseph – famous for his work on the London Sewerage System -lived in their latter years in Arthur Road, Wimbledon. Joseph died in 1891 and is interred in nearby S. Mary’s Churchyard.

There are other important people whose influence and generosity are to be seen in much of the building as you see it today. The oak screens, the stained glass, the organ and many of the ornaments are testament to their work.

Below you will see the names of some of those people and, by ‘clicking’ on their names you can find out a bit more about them and how they impacted on the history of All Saints’

Harry Pollard Ashby

The Reverend Henry Brancker

The Right Reverend Randall Davidson

Robert Bloomfield Fenwick

Katherine Stewart Forbes

Henry Jones (Organ Builder)

Charles Eamer Kempe

Alfred Markby

J. T. Micklethwaite

John Murray

Sir Henry Peek

Sir William Preece

Edward Thurston Holland

Henry Trickett

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