Past Curates

Curates of All Saints’ Church

Below is a list of the Curates and Assistant Priests that have served this parish over the years. If there is more to be told about them ‘click’ on the name to go to their dedicated page.

The Rev. Henry Brancker – 1892

Honorary Assistant Priest.  Gave three Bells to the church 1892 and the Pulpit as a Thank Offering for his Golden Wedding in 1895. On her death his wife left a legacy to the church.

The Rev. Horace Conway (M.A. Keble Oxon). 29.12.1894 – November 1896

The Rev. Thomas Clarksmith – 1896 – 1897

The Rev. John Smale. Curate from January – July 1897. Left All Saints’ to take up an appointment at S. Mark’s Portsmouth.

The Rev. Felix Blakiston – April – September 1897

The Rev. F.H. Stokes. Clergyman from Bishop’s House (1897)

The Rev. Dearden. (B.A. Manitoba). Curate July 1898. Left after one month to go to Brindisi (A town on the South Eastern coast of Italy) as English Chaplain.

The Rev. Alfred Lewis. Curate August 1898 – 1899. Left to take up work in Basutoland (A province of South Africa – now called Lesotho)

The Rev. Charles William Bourne (M.A.).  Curate 1898 – ? Headmaster of Kings College Wimbledon.

The Rev. James Ferguson A.K.C. Curate 1899 – ?

The Rev. J. L. James. Curate 1901 – ?

The Rev. H. R. Long. Curate (attached to S. Peter’s) 1901 – 1902. The Mission church of S. Peter’s flourished under his guidance.  The S. Sulpice method of teaching the children introduced during his curacy. He left to go to S. Paul’s, Lorrimore Square.

The Rev. F. C. Fischer. Curate (attached to S. Peter’s) 1902 – 1904. Left to go to S. John’s, Waterloo

The Rev. R. Brock. Curate 1902 – ?

The Rev. Lewis Wilmot Bovell Broughall. Curate 1903 -1904.  He was born on 27th March 1876 the son of Abraham James Broughall and Georgina Harriet Hurd and educated at the University of Toronto. He was ordained in 1899. In 1925 he became Dean of Niagara and in 1932 its diocesan bishop. He also became the first president of the Canadian Council of Churches in 1944. He retired in 1949 and died on 26 August 1958.

The Rev. Alan Haldane Simpson.  Curate attached to S. Peter’s 1904.

The Rev. Albert Ephraim Shewring.   Priested 1898. Curate of All Saints’ 1904-1908. Left to go to as Curate-in-Charge S. Luke’s Kingston (1908-14). Then became Vicar of St Philip, Cheam Common (1914-21). Rector of Dalham (1921-30).  Vicar of Biscot (1930-56)

The Rev. Harry Lloyd Babington. Mission Priest of S. Peter’s. 1907-11. Previously Assistant Curate of S. Andrew’s, Stockwell. The new church of S. Peter’s was built under his guidance and he became its first Vicar. He retired in 1934.

The Rev. Graham William Clitheroe. Curate 1908 – 1911

The Reverend  Whitfield. Temporary Assistant Priest 1910-1911.

The Rev. Albert Walter Beake – Curate April 1912-1919. Left to go to Blindley Heath, S. Godstone where he was Vicar from 1919-1934. Went to S. Philip North Sheen (1934-61)

The Rev. George Potter – Curate 1912 – 1917

The Rev. Bernard de Sausmarez Scott. Curate 1917. Late Squire Scholar of Keble College Oxon. Curate of S. Michael, Battersea (1913-15) , All Saints, W. Dulwich (1915), All Saints’, King’s Heath (1915-17).  S. John the Evangelist, Clevedon (1920-21), S. Mary, Beaminster (1939-42). Curate of Phillack with Gwithian (1942-46) & (1951-52). Newquay (1947-51), Vicar of S. Colan (1952-58), Curate in Charge of S.Issey (1958).

The Rev. W. Godfrey Bell. Hon. Assistant Curate 1921-1923. He made a ‘magnanimous offer’ to come and help until Easter 1921 without fee!  Nevertheless, he said, were they likely to furnish him with a present, he would not be too proud to accept it!  Following this a grant was received from the South London Church Fund and he stayed until the appointment of the Rev. Roy Foster.

The Rev.Roy Foster. Curate May 1923 – June 1927 

The Rev. George Frederick Graham. A.K.C. Deacon 1930, Priested 1931. Curate 1930 – 1941.  Curate of Porthill 1941-44.  Vicar of Sneyd 1944-53. Vicar of Alsagers Bank, Diocese of Lichfield from 1953.)

The Rev. Harry Gill Webber. A.K.C  Curate 1941-1944.  Licensed Preacher in the Diocese of Oxford 1944-48. Curate of the Good Shepherd Conv. Distr. Ford Estate , Bp Wearmouth 1948-51. Min. 1951-52. Priest Vicar and Sacr. Lincoln Cathedral 1952-55.  Succentor 1955- 57.  Hon. Priest Vicar 1957.  Vicar of Friskney, Diocese of Lincoln from 1957.  Diocesan Inspector of Schools 1960-62, Diocese of Lincoln. He died in Cleethorpes in 1993.

The Rev. Clifford Hendey. Kings College, London and Warm. A.K.C. Curate 1954-58.  Vicar of Toco, Diocese of Trinidad 1958-71 and 81-82.  Vicar of Spratton 1972-77. Vicar of All Souls, Leeds, 1977-80. Rector of Corringham, 1980-81. Vicar of Alkham with Chapel le Ferne & Hougham 1982-95.

The Rev. Christopher Noke – Curate from 2006. Became Priest-in-Charge 2017

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