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The latest news from the parish

Treasurer’s report

In my last report I asked for your support for the August Bank Holiday Monday Sponsored Walk (the funds raised were being put towards purchasing a defibrillator) and a Chinese Evening (the latest in a series of world cuisine experiences). At the time of writing, it has been announced that the Chinese Evening raised £180 and that money is still being collected from the sponsored walk. Confirmation of the total amounts raised and any other outstanding items will be reported next month.

The coming weeks are going to be very busy on the fund-raising front with a cake stall planned at the School Fair on the 24th September, a cream tea afternoon for the 1st October, and an inter-church quiz evening for the 29th October. Unfortunately the jumble sale on 8th October is no longer taking place. I hope you will be able to give your usual generous support to these events in your usual way to help make them a success.

Best wishes

Allison Scandrett (Treasurer)

Planned giving

If anyone would like to know more about the Freewill Offering Scheme, or would like to start using Freewill Offering Envelopes, please have a word with me and I can give you a set.

Gift Aid on your Giving

If you pay tax – please also consider filling in a Gift Aid form, if you have not already done so. This enables the church to claim an additional (much needed!) 25p from HMRC for every £1 you give us.

Dates for your Diary


British Summer Time ends at 2..00 am on 30th October.

Everyone will need to put their clocks back 1 hour before they go to bed on Saturday 29th October.

If you forget, you will be very early for Mass on Sunday, and will probably find the church still locked when you get there!

There is no Office Hour at present.

Enquiries about baptisms, weddings and banns of marriage should be made by: e-mail to – or telephone 020 8542 5514 and leave a clear message.

Cream Teas Afternoon – Saturday 1st October

HARVEST FESTIVAL- Sunday October 2nd

11.00 am    Solemn Mass.

You are invited to bring a Harvest Gift – either non-perishable produce , (tins  and packets) which will be given  to a Wimbledon Food Bank, or money (in an envelope labelled ‘Harvest’  if possible).

After Mass there will be a ‘Bring and Share’ Harvest  Buffet.

As last year, you are invited to bring things that can be eaten cold, (finger foods) that can be put out on a table at the back of church and shared. (Savoury and/ or sweet.)

Drinks, paper plates and napkins will be provided.

The Jumble Sale originally publicised for Saturday 8th October has  been cancelled as there were not enough people available to run it.

As the rest of this year tends to be rather busy, the Social  Committee will arrange another date  – but it probably won’t be until next year now.

Please don’t bring any Jumble to church for the time being as the Boiler House is once again full, so we have nowhere to store it.

ALL  SAINTS’  QUIZ  NIGHT – with Jacket Potato Supper.

Saturday 29th October in  All Saints’ Church Hall.

Doors open at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start.

For several years, as part of our Patronal Festival Celebrations, we have held an inter-church quiz. Hopefully the questions are not too difficult, often amusing, and certainly wide-ranging, so it proved to be an entertaining and  enjoyable evening.

For the past two years, due to Covid restrictions, we have been unable too hold it – but these have now been lifted so this year our inter-church quiz is back!

We have invited a number of local churches, our school and Morden Park Choral Society to field a team of between six and eight people, and we usually field at least  couple of teams from All Saints.

The evening will include a supper of Jacket Potato with a choice of fillings, but we would ask you to bring your own drinks, glasses, knives and forks and any additional ‘food for thought’ that you might like.

The Quiz with a Jacket Potato Supper will cost £7 each, but if you don’t require any food then you can pay for the quiz only at a cost of £4 each.

To assist with organisation, we need to know numbers in advance, so if you would like to come please add your name to the list on the table at the back of the church by Sunday 23rd October, but please  pay for your ticket on the night.


Our Patronal Festival is at the beginning of next month, with its  traditional Gift Day – which will hopefully boost Church Funds.

Gift Day envelopes for your use will be distributed with the November magazine, (which will be in church on Sunday 30th October) and will be available in church from 1st November.

TUESDAY  1st  NOVEMBER – All Saints’ Day

7.30 pm          Solemn Massfollowed by refreshments in church.

 WEDNESDAY  2nd NOVEMBER – All Souls’ Day

There will be a Low Mass on this day. (the slips for names of the departed to be remembered at this Mass will be given out in church towards the end of October.)

Further information about both these Masses will be given on the notice boards nearer the time, and printed in the November magazine

Our Sponsored Walk – 29th August 2022.

“Hhhwott!” Exclaimed Dave the Choirmaster to the small group of walkers that had congregated around the Church Hall entrance on  Norman Road. “Nigel will be late, and meet us on the way.” Dave said, after finishing on his phone. “Apparently he overslept.”

Thus, began the jovial tone for the walk to raise funds for a Church defibrillator, and a source of amusement throughout the day. (Thanks Nigel. )

A few wry smiles, and eyes cast heavenward were seen, as if this was not the first time this had occurred, and indeed, not entirely unexpected. Oh dear.

A brief explanation that Nigel had been treated to a particularly fierce curry, and perhaps one too many beers the previous evening, served as explanation.

Then, after a short wait for a few others, Roger, our walk leader, deemed it was time we all set off.

Our 7 mile route wound its way past some iconic South London sites, giving us the opportunity to see the area from a different perspective.

We first passed by Merton Abbey Mills, a well known local site that was initially one of the most important Priories of the Middle Ages (Royal crownings, King Henry III signed the Statues of Merton within the Chapter House of Merton Priory in 1236, the first and founding documents of English Common Law) before partial demolishion during the 1538 Dissolution (Henry VIII).

Later, textile mills came to the area for the water quality of the Wandle river, which was well suited to the washing, dyeing, and printing of textiles. William Morris, the famous textile designer, began a works in 1881 to produce printed cloth and stained glass. From the path one can see the Old Millhouse which is still working to this day.

Our next stop was Deen City Farm. This lovely little urban farm is an educational site which teaches visitors about where our food comes from, and here one can see most of the common farm animals. In addition, there are Alpaca, ferrets, and a couple of semi-feral cats for pest control. As we passed, we were only able to see a few horses  unfortunately.

From Deen City Farm we crossed the Wimbledon-West Croydon tramlink, and into Morden Hall Park Wetland Centre. This fascinating little area used to be a Deer Park but is now Morden Hall Park.

A superb and interesting feature is the The Wetland Boardwalk, which crosses the marshy area and leads up to Lord Nelson’s old “country cottage” next to the National Trust Garden Centre. It’s a great area for a bit of nature watching, and not a great step away from the madding crowds that tend to gather around the bridges by the Garden Centre and the Old Snuff Mill museum. It was now time for a comfort break, and so we stopped by the main ironwork bridge and became one of the aforementioned crowds …

“Nigel, where are you? … You’re still having breakfast … I see … We might see you at Ravensbury Park? … righto …”

We carried on through the rest of Morden Hall Park past a few well  positioned classical statues of various pagan deities, and then crossed over Morden Road into the western end of Ravensbury Park – and there was no sight of the late riser.

Originally Ravensbury Park was part of a 13th Century Manor Estate, and then later (C18th), a snuff mill and calico print works were built there. In the 1930’s, the estate was broken up for development and this part of the estate was purchased by local councils for the use of recreation and a nature reserve. We walked eastwards along the Wandle as far as London Road, which we crossed and then proceeded  into, and around, the Watermeads Nature  Reserve loop. One could divert to the right and continue along the Wandle trail to East Croydon, but we were nearing our halfway point and had yet to meet up with our lost soul. I would say that it is well worth walking out to Watermeads, as you could almost imagine that you were in the countryside rather than in the sprawling metropolis that is London. Here we saw heron, ducks, a lot of fish, and spotted some wild hops! The ale drinkers amongst you might appreciate the significance of this find …

By this time bellies were beginning to rumble and decisions were  being made as to where we would take lunch.  Apparently the tardy  slugabed would be waiting for us near The Surrey Arms pub, and from there we would head back into Morden Hall Park, and  sit in a convenient  circle of large logs underneath some huge chestnut trees.

Hurrah! Nigel was seen at last and we proceeded to our chosen picnic spot where we gratefully sat and consumed our packed meals.

For some this was made all the merrier by an accompaniment of some chilled French white wine. (No names – all that need be said is that the concentration of drinkers was from within the contingent of those who could sing. )

After eating our fill, and slaking our thirst, we headed back to the Church enthusiastically, as some cheerful soul had suggested a convivial at our local  tavern, The Sultan pub across the road! And that is precisely what we did …       congratulations to all attendees completing the walk, and heartfelt thanks to all the lovely participants, which turned out to be a smashing day out in some lovely weather.

Mark M.


In about eight weeks time – on Saturday 26th November – ‘Santa Claus’ will be arriving at All Saints’ for our Annual Christmas Fair. The time will go very quickly – so please start thinking about what you can do to help, and  make it a resounding success.

We are aiming to run most of the stalls we had last year, and will shortly looking for volunteers to run them.  And if you have any ideas for additional attractions – the Social Committee would love to hear from you.

Later this month there will be a list at the back of the church for you to sign if you can help in any way with the Fair, and from Sunday 6th November there will be 3 boxes for your donations. (one for ‘Tombola Prizes’, one for ‘Pick a Card’ items and one for any other donations.)

Also from the beginning of next month there will be posters for you to take away and put in your windows to help advertise the event, and hopefully you will also be able to persuade some   local shopkeepers to advertise it for us as well.

And please tell everyone you meet about the Fair and encourage them to come along.

The Fair is one of our major fundraising events so we need it to be as successful as possible.

But, not only is it a chance for us to make money for the church. It is also an opportunity for us to work together with a good heart and a generous spirit and begin our Christmas Celebrations together.


will be held in the Church on


1.30  –  4.00 pm.

And another request for help…………

Pauline and Amanda are hoping to do their Hook a Bag stall again at our Christmas Fair this year.

To run the stall they will need plenty of Gift Bags –  any size. – so if you have one (or more)  spare, or would like to buy one or more to donate, they will be gratefully  received.

Last year they had 50 bags – which made £50 – but they sold out early on and could have done with far more. So they hope to do more this year.

The gift bags can be brought to church at any time and handed in for Pauline and Mandy.

Open Church

Friday Morning Open Church!

All Saints’ Church is open on Friday mornings from 9.00 am – 12 noon.

Somewhere dry and warm to sit and chat to your friends over a cup of tea or coffee.

You may also come in and sit quietly, or light a candle, – and there is a prayer board if you would like us to remember someone in our prayers.

The Quiet Garden is also be available for those who would prefer to sit outside. (if the weather permits!)

To ensure good ventilation, the main door will be left open when the weather permits, and the gates will be open and the garden door unlocked for those who require level access.

And if you would be willing to come and make the coffee from time to time, please have a word with Jenny as there may be an occasional Friday when she is unable to be there and having re-opened, it would be a shame to close if this situation arose.

Weekend Pilgrimage to Walsingham – 2023

Weekend  Pilgrimage  to  Walsingham.

Friday 21st  – Monday 24th July 2023

Our 2023 weekend pilgrimage to Walsingham will take place from Friday 21st  –  Monday 24th July 2023.

We don’t yet know how much the weekend will cost – Walsingham will send us their charges for accommodation towards the end of the year, and to this has to be added the cost of transport – but I hope to make it not more than £260 – 00 per adult (less for children.) (This covers transport there and back, and all meals from Friday supper to Monday breakfast: 8 meals in all.)

In a lump sum, this may seem a lot to find, but if you put by £5 a week between now and the end of July, you will have saved almost enough to cover it.

It may seem a long way ahead, but (as with any other holiday) it has to be booked well in advance, and I have already had to pay an initial deposit of £200 to secure places on the weekend we want. So I am already asking for names and a £10 deposit per person from those who would like to go. I am happy to receive the rest of the money at any time – in installments, or a lump sum. (I keep careful records!)

We have reserved 20 places, so there should be room for all who would like to go – but all 10 of those who came this year are hoping to go again, so if you are interested in going, please don’t leave it too long before expressing an interest. It will be ’first come first served’ – and when the 20 places are filled, I will be unable to get any more.

If you would like to find out what the Pilgrimage entails, have a word with Fr. Christopher, or with one of those who came on our pilgrimage this year.

If you have never been to Walsingham,

why not think about going next year?

If you would like your name added to the list, please have a word with me as soon as possible.

Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary / Pilgrimage Organiser.)

The Latest News from our School

“Growing Stronger Together in God’s Love.”

This month’s ‘News’  from  All  Saints’  School can now be found here

All Saints’ welcomes children . . . .

.… and caters for them as follows:

  • Teddy Bear Service –  2nd Sunday of each month at 10 am

              A short service for the under 6’s and their families.

            Older children who come are encouraged to take part by reading the prayers.  Everyone welcome!

  • Junior Church  –  held during the 11 am Sunday Service.

           Mainly for children of Primary School age. The children go into the hall after the opening prayers, for a programme of music, activities and prayer based on Bible Stories.

           They come back into Church in time for  Communion.

  • Older children who come regularly will be encouraged to consider training as Servers, or to join the Choir.

  Also … .

  • Throughout the year, we support our Church School. We welcome them into church for school services. Apart from the end of each term, they have a service in church on All Saints’ Day and for other special occasions.

Each month, the  ‘Parish News’  includes a write-up, often with photographs, produced by a different class each time. In addition, Art Work from the children is  displayed in church for special occasions throughout the year.

If you would be interested in helping with any of our children’s activities, or have any suggestions to make about our work with children, please have a word with Roger.

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