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Treasurer’s report for April & May

I sincerely hope and pray that you are all still keeping safe and well.

As previously reported, the church made arrangements, just before the lockdown, by transferring enough funds from reserves (£1,000) to be in a position to cover our standing order/direct debit payments for insurance, utilities and telephone and to pay other ongoing bills as they arose. With the church still closed, hall lettings and all sources of income, apart from planned giving by direct debit, have completely dried up.

The April and May quotas are excluded from our figures (we usually pay £1,1416.67 per month). This is because they remain unpaid. We do not have sufficient cash to pay these (and we are now in three months in arrears for this year).

Looking forward to the reopening of churches, maybe in July, our finances will still continue to take a beating because our fund-raising campaign will be limited. Our expenditure is expected to be far in excess of our income. With the current restrictions placed on gatherings of people, we will need to find other ways of fund-raising, instead of our usual jumble sales and fairs. I am sure that Elizabeth Hayter, as Chair of our Social Committee, would welcome any new ideas for “socially distanced” fundraisers.

And may I also mention

Any member of the congregation can make a donation to the general fund, if you so wish, provided they have access to online banking.  Please contact me for the bank sort code and bank account number if you wish to make such a donation. My telephone number is given below.

Please stay safe, well and hopefully we will all see other soon.

Best wishes

Allison Scandrett – Treasurer.

Tel No:  020 8241 7330

Dates for your Diary

No planned events this month due to the ongoing pandemic

This Year’s A.P.C.M.

Our APCM – this was scheduled to take place on 26th April 2020.

Following the closure of all church buildings, Bishop Christopher signed an instrument extending the time limit for the election of churchwardens and holding the APCM. He has extended the time to elect churchwardens and for the APCM to be held (and the business transacted there, including the elections to the PCC and Deanery Synod) to 31st October 2020.

A rescheduled date for our APCM will be arranged once church buildings are reopened, and every thing is back to normal.

Daily Hope — a free national phone line.

 When church buildings were closed for services, some clergy decide to stream their services on Facebook for members of the congregation – but to view them requires access to the internet, and many elderly members of the congregation do not have internet access. 

So shortly after Easter, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,  launched a free national phone line as a simple new way to bring  worship and prayer into people’s homes while church buildings are closed because of the coronavirus.

 Daily Hope offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship      services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line.

 The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the   period of restrictions in mind.

 Archbishop Justin Welby answers your call with a short message followed by a choice of options:

Press 1  to listen to hymns we love with a series of short talks based on the well loved hymn.

Press 2   to listen to a different daily hymn.

Press 3 for the Prayers which are specific for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Press 4   to hear options 5 to 7:

Press 5   to hear a Church of England weekly Service.

Press 6   to join in with traditional Morning and Evening Prayers.

Press 7  to hear the latest Government advice on the Coronavirus  pandemic.

Press 0   to hear the first menu.

Weekend Pilgrimage to Walsingham – 2020 (Now Cancelled)

The Latest News from our School

“Growing Stronger Together in God’s Love.”

News  from  All  Saints’  School.

Growing Stronger Together in God’s Love.

The Government ordered all schools to close during the Co-vid outbreak for a majority of pupils on Friday 20th March. but they were to remain open for children of Key/Critical workers and for “vulnerable” children. So  since Monday 24th March ‘The All Saints’  Adventurers Club’ has catered for these (an average of 27 children) each weekday (including the Easter holidays).

During the school closure, all children should continue their learning at home. At All Saints’ the teachers distribute home learning work for those in their class weekly, and regularly ’check in with phone calls to see how the children are doing with work and how they are managing. Use is also made of e-mails and other technology. The weekly newsletters sent by parent mail to all families throughout the term, have continued and often include photos of children’ home learning or other activities sent in by parents. The school may be closed – the staff and children in their own homes  – but the ‘All Saints’ Family’, lives on.


 The following was written by Elizabeth  Hayter (who is a Key Worker) with help from James and Christian.

It has been a very strange couple of months at All Saints.  School has been closed apart from a small group of children but All Saints never sleep and never stops caring.  All the children are set homework packs to work through from nursery to year 6 each week.  Teachers have come up with lots of initiatives to get the children to learn in fun ways from cooking classes on line to   signing all classes up to an on line maths where children do not even know they are learning through play. Reception have had daily phonics lesson via you tube … nursery have their phonic delivered through you tube, teachers reading stories for all year groups. The teachers have even been making videos for all the All Saints family to remind them they are not alone and the children are missed.  The teachers are always at the end of an email and have even called all the children to make sure they are ok and if there is anything they can do help.

But how is a school day. Here in his own words is what James, with a little help from Christian, said about how they feel and about going in.

When we go into school Miss Ghassibee, Miss Colhurst and all the other teachers keeps everyone safe.  When we start our school work we start with maths work and then English and after break we do topic or epic reading whatever is on the timetable. After lunch we watch 30 minutes of horrible histories then we do our foundation learning before we go to play. 

Christian said ‘we go in and wash our hands …we wash our hands a lot but that’s because of the coronavirus. My teachers are nice and look after me. I’m not scared at school.’

At the start of the month was VE day and the school ensured we remembered and celebrated it. As James said VE day was a very good day for the soldiers, this makes me feel like the second world war has ended and we are free from the Germans. Why I like this special day is because we made a banners paper airplane models and even a tea cup which we could decorate with anything you liked. We researched WW2 and I was an interviewer for the day.  We had a VE day picnic outside socially distancing. 

I like going to school even though it’s hard as I’m not with all my friends but the teachers make me feel safe.

Hopefully soon we will be together again but the All Saints family is strong and we will get through this.

All Saints’ welcomes children . . . .

.… and caters for them as follows:

  • Teddy Bear Service –  2nd Sunday of each month at 10 am

              A short service for the under 6’s and their families.

            Older children who come are encouraged to take part by reading the prayers.  Everyone welcome!

  • Junior Church  –  held during the 11 am Sunday Service.

           Mainly for children of Primary School age. The children go into the hall after the opening prayers, for a programme of music, activities and prayer based on Bible Stories.

           They come back into Church in time for  Communion.

  • Older children who come regularly will be encouraged to consider training as Servers, or to join the Choir.

  Also … .

  • Throughout the year, we support our Church School. We welcome them into church for school services. Apart from the end of each term, they have a service in church on All Saints’ Day and for other special occasions.

Each month, the  ‘Parish News’  includes a write-up, often with photographs, produced by a different class each time. In addition, Art Work from the children is  displayed in church for special occasions throughout the year.

If you would be interested in helping with any of our children’s activities, or have any suggestions to make about our work with children, please have a word with Roger.

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