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Treasurer’s report for December

May I wish you all a peaceful and happy New Year.  I hope you all had a good Christmas.

First, I would like to thank the very generous members of our   congregation for their support towards meeting the cost of repairing our heaters. The donations recently received, when added to the sum raised from the sponsored walk earlier this year, now total £6,412.  The money is currently being held in our reserve fund in readiness to pay the bill once all the work has been completed.

However, with regard to the general fund, you will be aware that I have previously highlighted our regular monthly deficits when making my Treasurer’s Report. Sadly, the existing level of planned giving is not covering our bills and, although we show the amount due on the monthly report, we have not had the funds in our current account to pay our full parish quota this year.  We are now two months in arrears. Could you please give careful consideration to increasing your level of planned regular giving to help us meet our quota. Our jumble sales, fairs and other fund-raising events are also essential to helping us meet our bills, so we also need your continued support for these in any and every way you can, to help our church flourish.

On a lighter note, thank you so much for your support for the Christmas Fair, which was very successful this year.

Thanks must also go to the choir for their carol singing in the Sultan on Christmas Eve which raised £93 – 48 for the Childrens’ Society. A further £86 -14 was raised for the Society in the Christingle Service.

My thanks once again for all that you do and all your hard work.

Allison Scandrett – Treasurer.

Dates for your Diary

Parish Jumble Sale – Saturday 18th January

Our next Jumble Sale will be on Saturday 18th January, and will be open from 11.30 am – 2.00 pm.

As you know, we always need more money to cover all our expenses – so we are appealing for you to help raise it. So, provided we have enough help, we should do well. 

We need:  People to help advertise it beforehand.*

                 People to help get Jumble out on the Friday from 12.30 pm.

                 People to sort from 9.45 am on Saturday morning.          

                 People to sell behind the stalls  

                 People to help clear away afterwards. (ESSENTIAL!)

                 Car drivers to take all the rubbish to the dump afterwards.

Please put the date in your diary, and help make it a success

We need all our Fund raising events to do well, as the PCC still intends, as far as possible,  to put all the income from Hall lettings into the hall fund  – money raised for a new church hall (much needed!!) 

 Placing an advert in the local paper is costly, so we rely on church  members to help ‘spread the word’.

*   Posters are now available. Please take one from the back of the Church. And if you can get any put up in local shops, (or any other places), so much the  better.   We can never have too much advertising !!

Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham & St. Joseph.


in:   St. Saviours’ Church Hall, Grand Drive, SW20 9DL on Saturday 22nd February 2020.

10.00 am  – 12.30 pm.

To book a table (£6 each),  please phone 020 8540 2493 or have a word with Jenny.

(to raise funds towards transport for the Walsingham Pilgrimage.)

Please give this event your support!

Items for sale will include cakes,  jams & marmalades, and refreshments.

Weekend Pilgrimage to Walsingham – 2020

Friday  24th  – Monday  27th JULY  2020

The 2020 weekend pilgrimage to Walsingham, led by Fr. Christopher, will take place from  Friday 24th  –  Monday 27th July 2020. We don’t yet know the total cost of the weekend. 

Walsingham’s charges are: – £202 – 50 for adults: £121 – 50 for children aged 5 – 16: under 5’s free (which is the cost of 3 nights and all meals from Friday supper to Monday breakfast: 8 meals in all.) and to this has to be added an amount to cover transport there and back. I will be ’shopping around’ for coach prices – but first I need to have an idea of numbers going, as this will determine the size of coach we require. But I hope it will be not more than £260 – 00 per adult – less for children – (provided our 2 Tabletop Sales do well.)

Next July may seem a long way ahead, but (as with any other holiday) it has to be booked well in advance, and I have already had to pay an initial deposit of £250 to secure places on the weekend we wanted. So I am asking for names and a £10 deposit per person from those who would like to go. I am happy to receive the rest of the money at any time – in installments, or a lump sum. (I keep careful records!)

We have reserved 25 places, so there should be room for all who would like to go – but 15 of these have already been taken, so if you are interested in going, please don’t leave it too long before expressing an interest. It will be ’first come first served’ – and when the places are filled, I will be unable to get any more.

If you would like to find out what the Pilgrimage entails, have a word with Fr. Christopher, or with one of those who have been on Pilgrimage before. If you have never been to Walsingham, why not think about going this year?

If you would like your name added to the list, please have a word with me as soon as possible.

 Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary / Pilgrimage Organiser)

Bible Reading Notes

‘New Daylight provides four months of daily Bible readings and comment, with a regular team of contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds. It is ideal for anyone wanting an accessible yet stimulating aid to spending time with God each day, deepening their faith and their knowledge of Scripture.’

Each day offers a short Bible passage (text included), a thought-provoking comment and a prayer or point for reflection.

Several members of the congregation already subscribe to New  Daylight – but if anyone else would like to receive it, please have a word with Jenny as soon as possible.

The group subscription is £14 – 10 for the coming year (which runs from 1st May 2020 to 30th April 2021.)

The subscription will not be collected until April – but the notes are  always sent out well in advance, so our order form for the coming year must be returned by the end of January.

(To find out more, there are several ‘past copies’ on the bookshelves at the back of the church. If you are interested, you are welcome to take one home with you.) 

The Latest News from our School

“Growing Stronger Together in God’s Love.”

By the time you read this, the Christmas holiday will be almost over, and everyone will be getting ready for the start of the Spring Term – which begins for the children on Monday 6th January. The school will be coming into Church that afternoon for their Epiphany service – and no doubt this will include some of the carols learnt by the children for their Christmas productions at the end of the term

On December 11th, the Key Stage 2 children (that is years 3 – 6) presented a traditional Carol Service, held in the church, for their parents. The readings done by the children interspersed with carols – a mix of traditional and   modern – told the Christmas story: Come and Join the Celebration, The Angel Gabriel, Little Donkey, It was on a starry night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, The Virgin Mary, We three Kings, Silent Night and The Twelve Days of Christmas (usual tune –  different words!). The  service ended with prayers from each class, read by children and a   final song – We wish you a merry Christmas. It was a lovely service – very much enjoyed by all who came.

Next came a production by the Key Stage 1 children (years 1 and 2)  who presented ’The Nativity’  in the school hall. To fit in all those who wanted to see it, they did two performances – on    Wednesday 11th  and Thursday 12th.

The narration, together with a number of (mainly less traditional) songs, which the children obviously enjoyed singing – ‘Welcome’, ‘Clip Clop’, ‘Knock Knock, Knock’, ‘Warming our toes’, ‘An angel appeared in the sky’, ‘Following a Great big Star’, ‘Baby sleeping’, and ‘Jesus is Born’ – told the audience the Nativity story from a different perspective. It was excellent!

The children in Early Years (that is Nursery and Reception) did their Nativity play, ‘A Wriggly Nativity!’ on two mornings in the last week of term  – Monday 16th  and Tuesday 17th. The children in Reception who did the narration are to be congratulated as the audience could hear almost every word they said. This was interspersed with lively songs – Wriggly Nativity, Donkey plodding, Knock on another door, Rockabye Jesus, Dancing about in the straw, Twinkling stars, Skip, skip, skippety hop, Angels and Bumping up and down on a camel.

On Wednesday 18th, in the afternoon, the class Christmas Parties were enjoyed by all – music, games and dancing, plus a visit from Father Christmas accompanied by an ‘Elf’. The Nursery classes finished for the term after their party on Wednesday afternoon.

At 1.00 pm on the last day of term – Thursday 19th December – the whole school, came into church for their End of Term service. All the children were there, together with a good number of parents and friends. During the service, each year group sung one of the songs from their Christmas production and a number of certificates were presented –  to a child from each class (Reception to Year 6) who had achieved success in various  areas (not all academic.).

Father Christopher said some final prayers and gave the Blessing, then the children returned to school to collect their things and go home for the holiday. A good way to end the Christmas term!

All Saints’ welcomes children . . . .

.… and caters for them as follows:

  • Teddy Bear Service –  2nd Sunday of each month at 10 am

              A short service for the under 6’s and their families.

            Older children who come are encouraged to take part by reading the prayers.  Everyone welcome!

  • Junior Church  –  held during the 11 am Sunday Service.

           Mainly for children of Primary School age. The children go into the hall after the opening prayers, for a programme of music, activities and prayer based on Bible Stories.

           They come back into Church in time for  Communion.

  • Older children who come regularly will be encouraged to consider training as Servers, or to join the Choir.

  Also … .

  • Throughout the year, we support our Church School. We welcome them into church for school services. Apart from the end of each term, they have a service in church on All Saints’ Day and for other special occasions.

Each month, the  ‘Parish News’  includes a write-up, often with photographs, produced by a different class each time. In addition, Art Work from the children is  displayed in church for special occasions throughout the year.

If you would be interested in helping with any of our children’s activities, or have any suggestions to make about our work with children, please have a word with Roger.

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