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The latest news from the parish

Treasurer’s report

There is little to report again, as this month has also been quiet.  We now look forward to celebrating Easter.

Cromwell Engineering are booked to carry out the previously reported remedial work needed on some of the heaters and they have ordered the spare parts.  We have been advised that the work to re-commission the appliances will cost £2218 – 80 +VAT.

A third instalment of this year’s quota is being paid to the Diocese this month, although 9 instalments (amounting to £12,750 – 03) remain unpaid from 2020.

I would like to thank you, in advance, for your donations towards Easter flowers. As you already know, we only use the money collected for flowers to buy any flowers when decorating the church. The amount raised so far will ensure a lovely display this year.

Thanks once again for your ongoing support and for all you do for the church. Stay safe.

Best wishes

Allison Scandrett – Treasurer.

Planned giving

If anyone would like to know more about the Freewill Offering Scheme, or would like to start using Freewill Offering Envelopes, please have a word with me and I can give you a set.

Gift Aid on your Giving

If you pay tax – please also consider filling in a Gift Aid form, if you have not already done so. This enables the church to claim an additional (much needed!) 25p from HMRC for every £1 you give us.

Dates for your Diary

Parish Walks are back!

Parish Walk, Saturday 24th April.

We will meet outside of the Church Hall at 10pm and walk to the River Wandle at Wandle Bank and then follow the river upstream pass Sainsbury’s, Abbey Mills and Dean City Farm to Morden Hall Park. The plan then is to walk around the Park keeping as far as possible to the outer perimeter. We will return back along the River Wandle. It should take about a couple of hours, it is 4.5 miles in total. There should be plenty of signs of spring to see.

The paths are on the level but it can be very muddy if we have had a lot of rain. The very muddy bits can be missed out and people wishing to do this can meet with the booted walkers farther along the main paths where the perimeter path rejoins. There are toilets at the Church Hall and in Morden Hall Park. Refreshments are available along the route.

If you intend to join the walk please let me know.

Also let me know if you will be joining at Sainsbury’s.


Revision of the Church Electoral Roll

The revision of our Church Electoral Roll takes place between 18th and 25th April, after which it will be closed until after the  Annual  Parochial Church  Meeting – which will be on  Sunday 16th May.

You must be on the roll to stand for election to the PCC, or to be a Sidesperson – and only those on the Church Electoral Roll may vote at the APCM.  But there are no ‘strings’!

If you are a regular worshipper, baptised, aged 16 and over, and are not   already on the Church Electoral Roll, you can get a form from Jenny Hardy, our Electoral Roll Officer. 

After the APCM, the number on our roll has to be sent to the Diocese, which gives them an indication of the strength of our church – so we hope that all those entitled to go on the roll will want to do so.

( Those already on the roll do not need to fill in another form – but please let Jenny know if you have changed your address or phone  number in the last year. )

John Edward Woodley

20th April 1929 – 27th January 2021

It is sad to have to report the passing of John Woodley at the age of 91.

A man of unshakeable faith, John was involved with All Saints’ for most of his life.  Not only was he at various times a server, Churchwarden and Sacristan, but he was also blessed with innumerable practical talents that he used generously and unstintingly in his work for the church.

He gave freely of his time – nothing was too much trouble – and was always glad to pass on his considerable knowledge to anyone who asked. He built a loyal and disciplined serving team, teaching how and why things should be done, and always setting himself the highest standards.

He was a devoted husband to June, a loving father to Linda and John and a much loved grandfather and great-grandfather.  

We shall all miss his good-natured approach to life, his inimitable sense of humour and his cheery disposition. But he will live on in the hearts of those that knew him and in the love that went into the many objects that he hand-crafted for the church and that can be seen all around us each Sunday.

William Draper wrote the hymn “In our day of thanksgiving” in 1916.  We sing it each year on our Dedication Festival and I think the last verse is particularly appropriate when we think of John:

“Sing praise then, for all who here sought and here found him,

Whose journey is ended, whose perils are past;

They believed in the Light; and its glory is round them,

Where the cloud of earth’s sorrows are lifted at last.”

May he Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

Weekend Pilgrimage to Walsingham – 2021

Friday 23rd  – Monday 26th  July 2021.

The 2020 weekend pilgrimage to Walsingham, led by Fr. Christopher, which had to be postponed because of the pandemic will, all being well,  now take place from  Friday 23rd  –  Monday 26th July 2021.

We don’t yet know how much the weekend will cost. Walsingham will send us their charges for accommodation towards the end of the year, (we hope they wont have to increase their prices too much as a result of being closed), and to this has to be added the cost of transport – but I hope to make it not more than £260 – 00 per adult (less for   children.) (This covers transport there and back, and all meals from Friday supper to Monday breakfast: 8 meals in all.)

In a lump sum, this may seem a lot to find, but if you put by £5 a week between now and the end of July, you will have saved almost enough to cover it.

It may seem a long way ahead, but (as with any other holiday) it had to be booked well in advance, and I have paid an initial deposit of £300 to secure the places on the weekend we wanted.

I hope all who had booked for 2020 will still be able to come, and any money you paid will be carried over to 2021 in full. but there are   still several spaces, so I am asking for names and a £10 deposit per  person from anyone else who would like to go. I am happy to receive the rest of the money at any time – in installments, or a lump sum. (I keep careful records!)

There should be room for all who would like to go as  I increased our numbers from 25 to 30 when the pilgrimage was postponed – but if you are interested in going, please don’t leave it too long before expressing an interest. It will be ’first come first served’ – and when the 30 places are filled, I will be unable to get any more.

If you would like to find out what the Pilgrimage entails, have a word with Fr. Christopher, or with one of those who have been on Pilgrimage before.

If you have never been to Walsingham, why not think about going next year?

 Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary / Pilgrimage Organiser)

Discover more about Walsingham, by visiting their website:

The Latest News from our School

“Growing Stronger Together in God’s Love.”

News  from  All  Saints’  School.

At the end of February, Mrs. Fillsell wrote in her weekly newsletter to parents:

“I am sure by now that you will all be aware of the announcement made earlier this week regarding the full re-opening of schools from the 8th March!  We are aware of just how challenging this latest lockdown and resulting restricted access to school has been for so many of our families, and are delighted that we will be able to welcome all pupils and staff back in just one week’s time now.

Since the announcement was made, schools leaders and teachers have been working hard, laying the ground work for the children to come back to face-to face learning. Next week, we will be writing to you all in regarding our full re-opening plan, but for this week, I am hoping that smiles in your homes and families will be as wide as those here in school!”

Throughout the lockdown, work given to the children followed the school curriculum as far as possible. Tasks set included:

 Year One: L-R: A tea-stained treasure map, Phonics and Handwriting

Year 5 – Space Art Work.

On 5th March, Mrs Filsell wrote

“This week, we ended what we hope will be our final school      closure, with some real excitement… of course it was World Book Day!

All children, whether at school or at home, participated so well and it was amazing seeing both the outfits and learning that children had pulled together, and worked so hard on, in  celebration of it. It was just the thing we all needed to lift our spirits in time for reopening. The  photos and contributions this week have been outstanding! Huge thanks to all families, staff and children who participated, and to our  book-loving-worm Reading Lead, Miss Reed (no pun intended!), for helping us plan and deliver the fun activities.

And Miss Reed wrote

 “What an amazing day we all had for World Book Day yesterday! All of the staff were SO impressed with the effort that the children went to with their costumes, whether they were at home, or at school. It was so lovely to see so many smiling faces and everyone sharing their favourite books and characters.

The children spent the day completing a range of reading-themed     activities, and as you will see from the on the next pages, the children produced some absolutely gorgeous pieces of work! My absolute  favourites have to be all of the wooden spoon characters that started appearing around the school and on Google Classroom.”

Wooden Spoon Characters: –

Favourite Characters:-

All children returned to school on 8th March. it is good to hear their    excited voices in the playground once again. The all look and sound, very happy to be there, and able to play with their friends once again.

The end of Home Schooling did not mean the end of some of the ‘fun’ activities and the return to the ‘3 R’s’ in an effort to ‘catch up’ on those missed days. 14th March was Mothering Sunday, so cards were made to take home (but , sadly, no art work for display in church this year.) There was a Mufti Day- children could wear their own clothes and take in a cleaning product for the school – and on Friday 19th March ‘Red Nose Day’ was not ignored.       

In the February and March copies of All Saints News, we reported on the  school ‘Journey of Hope’. Mrs Filsell – “we aim to take our school community along with us on the Journey of Hope as we move closer to a time when we can be re-united as a whole school again.”

In the final week before all the children returned to school, the    Journey of Hope was led by Miss Clarke.  She wrote:

“This week the Journey of Hope theme was based on the book, ‘The Caring, Sharing, Sensational, Inspirational, Extraordinary book of   passionate poetry for spectacular children!’ I read a few wonderful poems full of fun and adventure about the world we live in which we can use to give us hope. Each poem was colourfully illustrated and made the children smile, laugh and think.”

 The following week – on Monday 8th March – the Journey of Hope reached its goal. Everyone was re-united as a whole school again.

In the weekly newsletter on 19th March Mrs. Filsell wrote:

“This week has yet again been a busy week here in school! There has certainly been productive ‘buzz’ in the air as children have continued to adjust and settle back into school life. Like lots of the staff, many early nights have been needed over the last two weeks !”

And Miss Clarke wrote:

“We talked about prayer with the children this week and how the word is a special word that we use to describe us talking to God. We discussed that God is always looking out for us and he loves us to speak to him. We then looked at the Lord’s Prayer in particular and how although we can’t see our prayers, God hears them. “

At 2.00 pm on Wednesday 31st March. the Spring Term ended and All Saints school closed for the Easter holiday.

Due to Covid restrictions, they were unable to hold the customary end of term celebration service in All Saints’ Church, to which all parents are invited. At present any assemblies have to be done virtually – but I feel sure they will have managed to distribute the traditional end of term certificates some way or another.

On Monday 19th April the school reopens for the Summer Term – hopefully the third term of this school year will be a full one with no Covid breaks!

All Saints’ welcomes children . . . .

.… and caters for them as follows:

  • Teddy Bear Service –  2nd Sunday of each month at 10 am

              A short service for the under 6’s and their families.

            Older children who come are encouraged to take part by reading the prayers.  Everyone welcome!

  • Junior Church  –  held during the 11 am Sunday Service.

           Mainly for children of Primary School age. The children go into the hall after the opening prayers, for a programme of music, activities and prayer based on Bible Stories.

           They come back into Church in time for  Communion.

  • Older children who come regularly will be encouraged to consider training as Servers, or to join the Choir.

  Also … .

  • Throughout the year, we support our Church School. We welcome them into church for school services. Apart from the end of each term, they have a service in church on All Saints’ Day and for other special occasions.

Each month, the  ‘Parish News’  includes a write-up, often with photographs, produced by a different class each time. In addition, Art Work from the children is  displayed in church for special occasions throughout the year.

If you would be interested in helping with any of our children’s activities, or have any suggestions to make about our work with children, please have a word with Roger.

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