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Treasurer’s report for June

It was this time last year when I made my first Treasurer’s report to you, having just taken over the “reins” from Ann Wasielewska. I now have a much greater appreciation and understanding for everything she did over many years in the role and, indeed, continues to do in putting together our gift aid claims to HMRC. Thank you once again Ann for all your support to the church over the years.
In addition to the usual hall lettings, our Church Hall Fund was boosted this month by a family donation and funds raised by the choir organising a music evening. Thank you to the choir, and to the family for your generosity.
With regard to regular outgoings, the PCC hopes not to increase our parish pledge for the coming year, but the amount is still under review. However, our charges for electricity have been increased from £96 to £121 per month, and our insurance will increase from £444 to £470 per month from the beginning of August.
Unfortunately, we are now regularly running at a deficit every month with our general funds. This is in the region of £800 – £1,000 per month before special fund-raising events (fairs etc). So, unless we can boost our normal sources of income, we will be unable to continue to set aside all our income from hall lettings for the
rebuilding of the church hall.
By the time you read this report, we will have held the next fundraising event – a Jumble Sale scheduled for 6th July. Thank you to everyone who will be helping to try and make this a success. Your support is also needed for the Family Quiz on 13th July.
Have a lovely July, and my thanks go to you all for your constant support.
Allison Scandrett – Treasurer.

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 28th June – S. Olave’s, Mitcham – Patronal Festival

Church Walk, Mitcham, SW16 5JH

Evening Prayer and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

SUNDAY 28th JULY – 6.30.p.m.

Preacher: – Fr. Christopher Noke

The service will be followed by Refreshments in the church hall.

(The Licensing of Fr. Graham Piper as Priest-in-Charge will be on Monday 9th September at 8.00.p.m.)

Saturday 19th October 2019

National Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey.
This annual pilgrimage day gives you the opportunity to visit the Abbey with other pilgrims, and experience its beauty and space in an atmosphere characterised by prayer. The abbey offers all pilgrims a prayer tour, which takes you into every part of the Abbey, its precincts and gardens.
At 11.30 am there is a Festival Eucharist, and at 3.00 pm Choral Evensong – which leaves plenty of time to see the Abbey at leisure.
Families are most welcome – with activities for children taking place throughout the day.
There is no charge for admission – and individuals and small groups don’t need to book. So if you’d like to visit the Abbey, keep the day free.

Parish Walk

As July is such a busy month one way and another, Roger will not be organising a Parish Walk this month.
The next parish walk will be our Sponsored Walk on August Bank Holiday Monday, 26th August, and you will find all the details about that elsewhere on this page
It is hoped everybody will feel able to give it their full support by sponsoring the walkers even if they are unable to do the walk.

Sponsored Walk – August Bank Holiday Monday – 26th August

For the past few years, we have had a sponsored walk to raise funds for a special project rather than for general church funds. This years walk will be taking place on Monday 26th August (which is the Bank Holiday).
When the annual service of our Gas Heaters was carried out earlier this year, one gas heater needed new parts but the rest were passed for another year. However, we were warned that the three largest heaters in church, plus one of the hall heaters, would more than likely have to be replaced next year (or at the very least, need a new part) as the heat exchangers were showing sings of wear. This means that in 2020 we could be faced with either repairing or replacing up to 4 gas heaters if we are to keep the church and church hall warm in the winter months. And, as you may remember, the bill for repairing just one heater this year was over £1,000.
For this reason, it was decided that the money raised by our 2019 Sponsored Walk should go towards the gas heaters. Roger will be leading us again this year, and you can read what he has written about the walk below. It promises to be an enjoyable day. We walk at a leisurely pace, and the route should be suitable for all. Past walkers have said that it is always ‘an enjoyable social occasion’ – even in 2015, when we walked for at least some of the time in the rain!
So make a note of the date in your diary, then come along, and bring your friends (the more the merrier!!) Sponsor Forms will be available from the beginning of July.
No-one likes a cold church, or a cold church hall, so we trust you will all feel able give this year’s walk your full support. Even if you are unable to do the walking, please take a sponsor form and collect sponsors for those who can. We invite people to sponsor the group, not an individual – and every little helps!

The walk this year will follow the River Thames from Putney Bridge up river to Kew. The walk will take us pass the London Wetland Centre, Hammersmith Bridge, St Pauls School, the Leg of Mutton Nature
Reserve, Barnes Bridge, Chiswick Bridge, the Public Record Office and Kew Bridge. The distance is about 6 miles. The walk can be extended by another 4 miles by continuing along the river past Kew Gardens and the Old Deer Park to Richmond, for anyone who feels the urge to carry on walking when we get to Kew.
We will meet at 10 am at Putney Bridge, and it will finish at Kew Gardens District Line Tube Station.
The walk should take between 3 and 4 hours. The path is flat. There are toilets and shops in Putney, Barnes and Kew, and the route is well served by public transport if you do not wish to walk the whole way. A map will be put up in the back of the Church nearer the time.
If you have any questions. please speak to Roger

This month’s news from our School

We have had a busy month at All Saints’ School this month! From class collective worships to maths trials and championships to our yearly Science Week!

The Quiz Club Maths Championships.
At the beginning of the month, the children who wanted to be in the school maths team attended the maths team trials with Mrs Bradbury and Miss Magnus. They were great fun and we were both astounded with how much interest, resilience and knowledge the children showed. Sadly, only four children could be in the team. The children who scored top in the trials were Henry, Vishal, Prithika and Tharnekka, who were all from Year 6. On Friday 14th June, the time had finally come for the maths team to attend the quiz and show what they were made of! Prithika and Vishal said: ‘The quiz was challenging but we enjoyed working as a team. It was great fun and very competitive’. Out of 12 teams from 7 different schools, All Saints’ came fifth. This is a great achievement and we are so very proud of the team of four. We look forward to next year where we will have two teams representing our fabulous school.

Science Week – Monday 17th June-Friday 21st June
We have had great fun this week celebrating all things SCIENCE! The children have had many fun and exciting workshops and have been learning about science every day. We thank Mrs Kent and Miss Patton
for all the organising.
Year 3 have been looking at magnetic and non magnetic objects. Year 6 have been learning dying liquids.

Year 1 met with a local councillor and volunteers to help transform the local park near our school. They learnt all about how we can each play our part to improve our community. They learnt about the different plants that are planted at Leyton Road Park. Year 1 also watered the plants and we even had a go at planting our very own plants.

It hardly seems possible that we are almost at the end of another school year. Term finishes for the children on Thursday 18th July, and the whole will be coming in to All Saints’ Church for their end of year Service. The children in Year 6 will be leaving us to move on to High Schools in September. We wish them ‘all the best for the future’. And to all children and staff, we say ‘have a safe, relaxing and happy holiday’.

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