The Society

The Society is an ecclesial community established by the catholic bishops of the Church of England
to address the new situation created by the ordination of women to the episcopate as well as
to the priesthood.

It promotes and maintains catholic teaching and practice within the Church of England.

It guarantees a ministry in the historic, apostolic succession and a true sacramental life, by commending Priests of The Society whose sacramental ministry can be received with confidence.

It provides episcopal oversight for Priests of The Society and for parishes that affiliate to The Society.

The parishes of The Society enjoy a relationship of full communion not only with their bishop but also with all the other parishes of The Society.

The Society is led by a Council of Bishops.

A Map of the Society Parishes can be found here.

The Council of Bishops

The Council of Bishops consists of diocesan and suffragan bishops, together with other bishops whom they co-opt. The Council meets regularly with the other bishops of The Society, and also with leading members of the Catholic Societies of the Church of England and the Catholic Group in General Synod.

Bishops’ Representatives

In each diocese the Bishop of The Society is represented by his Bishop’s Representative – a priest who is available to advise and represent the clergy and parishes of The Society in that diocese.

The Society is an ecclesial community, not a membership organization. All baptized Christians who worship in a parish of The Society or whose priest is a Priest of The Society belong to The Society. Those who wish to support the aims of The Society are asked to support its work by joining Forward in Faith – the membership organization which finances and supports The Society.

We seek to grow in holiness
~ through worship and personal prayer
~ by studying the Scriptures
~ by celebrating the Sacraments.
We are committed to proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord
~ through mission, pastoral care and service
~ by working to build a society that points to the Kingdom of God.
We seek to flourish within the life and structures of the Church of England, and to make our full contribution to Christ’s mission in our Diocese.
Heavenly Father, bless the bishops, clergy and people of The Society.
Bind us together in love and faith.
Renew us in service and witness.
And by your Holy Spirit
Guide our future and make plain your purposes.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Saint Wilfrid, pray for us.
Saint Hilda, pray for us.

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