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‘Aiming for excellence, through working together in a Christian Environment’

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Headteacher – Mrs. Angela Filsell.

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All Saints’ School is a voluntary aided Church of England School which has a strong link with the local parish of All Saints’ and has a committment to Christian worship and religious education.

All Saints’ Church, the Diocese of Southwark, parents, school staff and the L.E.A are all represented on the Governing Body which has oversight of the organisation, budget and curriculum of the school.

The Parent Teacher Association holds various fund-raising events during the year and welcomes help from any quarter.

The school values highly it’s links with All Saints’ Church and the children are welcomed into the church to celebrate the Christian Festivals and for end-of-term services.  Parents and friends are always welcome at these services.

All the current school information can be found on the dedicated school website, but if you would like to know a little of the early history of our school visit our ‘School History’ page. You might also like to take a look at some of the pictures on our ‘Past in Pictures’ page.’

The Latest News from our School

“Growing Stronger Together in God’s Love.”

At the time of writing the school has only been back for one week after their Easter break – so the first part of this report is based on the final newsletter sent out at the end of last term. On 31st March, Mrs. Filsell wrote:

“With the sun shining over the last few days, it really has served to lift our spirits even higher, filling us with even more hope and joy as  we enter into a much needed Easter break. Whether children have been working at home or at school for the majority of the term, some time for everyone to just ‘be’ and have much needed playdates and family time (hopefully a bit more sunshine) will be most enjoyable I am sure.

In line with our Journey of Hope over the last term, children selected by their class teachers today been awarded Christian Value of Hope certificates, as well as our termly ‘stars’. Within the assembly, we also awarded many, many certificates for those children who have  completed their bookmarks with housepoint stickers. As I pointed out to the children, each sticker represented one good deed, or piece of work, so the amount is truly staggering – it is lovely to see this visual representation of what makes our school such a wonderful place to be. Well done to all certificate winners!

Last week, we had a special visitor, the local mayor visited school and presented staff with a certificate in recognition of our school’s ‘committed dedication, professionalism and resilience in educating   children during this exceedingly difficult Covid-19 pandemic’. It has been lovely to share this with staff as formal recognition of all that they have done, and continue to do, thank you for always supporting us!

I would like to send my thanks to all families who donated much   needed cleaning supplies/goods to school, as well as dressing up and donating money to the Red Nose Day Appeal. This week’s Easter Egg Hunts, although a little different in style (Covid secure!), have created much fun and excitement. A huge thank you to the PTFA team who work so hard in organising these events and raising funds for school and various charities – we appreciate all that you do!”

Year 1 Easter Egg Hunt

Year 1 making bunnies!

Year 1 have been learning about saints in RE. This week they learnt about St George and created their own flag using banana and water melon. They did really well with placing and arranging and using  equipment safely.

Workshop with the author Joseph Coelho and illustrator Fiona Lumbers.

In her first newsletter of Summer term Mrs. Filsell wrote:.

“I do hope that you all had a wonderfully restful Easter break and enjoyed spending some time with friends and family outdoors. The sun has continued to shine on All Saints’ this week and the children have returned with even sunnier smiles! One of my favourite things to do is to stop and catch up with their news.

Over the course of the week, the children have been busy working hard, with Year 4 creating some beautiful RE bunting, with special messages from the children to our local community. Stop and take a look on the Victory Road fencing to see their work.”

The special messages included:

¨   Save paper. Every piece you use was once part of a tree.

¨  Recycle everything you can. Every bit counts.

¨  Share the word of God. Sharing the word of God will make people think     about their actions.

¨  Never give up. just keep on trying. You can do it, believe in yourself.

Year 2 have been making clay pots

“With so much sun around, I know that staff will be taking the  opportunity to do more outside learning…

In assemblies this week, we have been discussing the theme of the   resurrection, such a perfect time to be reflecting on this theme with so much to be thankful for and celebrate in the season of growth and new life. This can be seen in Early Years at the moment where they have been excitedly watching ducklings hatch!”

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