Saints’ of the Week

Saints celebrated this week

S. John Damascene – 4th December.

John was born in or about 675 in Damascus. He was a polymath whose fields of interest and contribution included Law, Theology, Philosophy and Music. He was the Chief Administrator to the ruler of Damascus, wrote works expounding the Christian faith, and wrote hymns which are still in everyday use in Eastern Christian Monasteries throughout the world. After holding public office for some time he withdrew to the monastery of Sabas, near Jerusalem where he continued to produce a series of commentaries, hymns and apologetic writings. He died in 749 as a revered Father of the Church.

S. Nicholas – 6th December

Nicholas was born during the third century in the village of Patara, Turkey. Very little is known of his life, but he had a reputation for secret gift-giving. Nicholas is also known for coming to the defence of the falsely accused, often preventing them from being executed, and for his intercession on behalf of sailors and other travellers.

S. Ambrose – 7th December

Ambrose was born and raised between about 337 and 340 in Trier, into a Christian family. He followed his father’s career and practised in the Roman Law Courts, being appointed to office in Milan. Whilst still a catechumen, he was elected Bishop of Milan by the laity. Upon his appointment, St. Ambrose fled to a colleague’s home to seek hiding, but was baptised and ordained, studied theology and became famous as a preacher and defender of the faith. He received S. Augustine into the Church, fought paganism and protected the Church against the political power. His writings on ethics and ascetics, his letters and sermons, his instructions to catechumens – all reveal a Christian bishop of great faith and energy. He died in 397.

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